Patrons' Declaration

4 December 2007

We, the undersigned, concerned for the preservation of memory about the history of our Nation, and aiming to heighten the patriotic feelings of the young generation of Poles, wish to take the honorary patronage of the initiative to create "The Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland".

We believe that this enterprise will serve to remind of the times whose image seen from the perspective of the 21st century – mainly in films – is rather grotesque, despite their burden of repression and victimisation. We wish that young Poles could learn the truth about those events and way of life, get to know the conditions in which their parents reached their adolescence, and that older members of our society could recollect the times of their youth.

Offering our encouragement for the initiative to create the Museum, we promise to use our best possible efforts to support such a noble enterprise, and in particular, to take the patronage of it. We are certain that the establishment of this Museum will contribute to the expansion of historical awareness and to the increase in the modern society's responsibility for the fate of the Polish Nation.

This enterprise is apolitical, and is aimed solely at colleting, preserving and presenting a wide range of materials concerning the period of Poland's past spanning from 22 July 1944 to 29 December 1989.